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Camel Black Mini cigarettes are created with tobacco that is devoid of additives and gives a smooth and pleasurable smoking experience. They provide a well-balanced smoke with a rustic flavor and good potency.

Stylish Pack

A curved pack, with edges that have been tapered down into smooth curves for the utmost simplicity, is utilized for cigarette packing to produce fashionable and modern designs.

Each cigarette contains:

  • 9 mg of nicotine
  • 10 mg of tar

These cigarettes have the taste and flavor of an American blend of smoking. It provides a pleasurable smoking experience with a well-balanced, smooth-tasting palate to you and enhances your smoking experience.

Box Type





0,5 mg


6 mg

Minimum Cartons


2 reviews for Camel Black mini

  1. gheorghe (verified owner)

    Third time ordering from 😍

  2. A….v (verified owner)

    Wonderful cigarettes, delivered very fast. Will definitely recommend this company.

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