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If you are looking for a mild flavor to a slightly strong flavor, Winston Super Slims Blue is your answer. The perfect blend of grade A tobacco in these cigarettes gives them a balanced flavor. This version by Winston leaves a lasting impression on you that you would like to experience every day.

A Grade Tobacco

The cigarettes under the Super Slims Blue version by Winston have a subtle flavor due to the use of grade A tobacco in the cigarettes. The mild flavor of these cigarettes is balanced in such a way that they won’t overpower your senses with their intensity. The filter used in every cigarette helps you enjoy every puff.

  • 5 mg of nicotine content is present in every cigarette
  • 5 mg of tar
  • Fine tobacco
  • Slim packaging

Winston Super Slims Blue is available on our online store at a reasonable price for instant delivery. We offer cigarettes with high discounts on bulk and individual orders. This is not it! We also offer FREE shipping to all our customers who want their deliveries within the USA.

Box Type

100mm Box




0,5 mg


5 mg

Minimum Cartons



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